Softest Sheets: Bamboo Sheets

The softest sheets in the world have recently come into vogue across the United States. Bamboo sheets have only been around for a relatively short time. But for an age old resource, it is just another instance of over 1,000 uses for the planets more renewable resource. If you haven’t heard of bamboo sheets, well, […]

What is a good thread count?

I remember when I first went away to college right after graduating high school.  It was an exciting time – being out on my own was such a new experience, and I loved the newfound sense of freedom that it brought.  But with that freedom came a huge learning curve, and I’m not talking about […]

So is Bamboo Eco-friendly or Not?

The organic lifestyle meets much of the same in-fighting that you can see in many religions and politics.  It is a touchy subject to the extremists.  For the large majority of us who do not live off the grid and eat all home grown produce, going green is a process – sometimes a very difficult […]