Softest Sheets: Bamboo Sheets

The softest sheets in the world have recently come into vogue across the United States. Bamboo sheets have only been around for a relatively short time. But for an age old resource, it is just another instance of over 1,000 uses for the planets more renewable resource. If you haven’t heard of bamboo sheets, well, you’ve just been missing out.

Bamboo sheets are soft

Bamboo bed sheets are definitely the softest sheets you can find. Even at only 300 thread count, they are softer than 1,000 thread count cotton sheets. Why? Well there is a long and boring molecular answer, but basically, the way the fiber are shaped on a molecular scale, flattens out and creates an ultra smooth surface. This enables bamboo rayon to be far softer with less than 1/3 of the threads.

Organic bamboo sheets are the opposite of cotton in one instance: thread count. While you think a higher thread count for cotton is more luxurious, with bamboo, the higher thread count leads to less durability. So be careful.

softest sheets

Bamboo sheets are eco-friendly

Whether you are extremely interested in protecting the environment, or lackadaisical in your efforts, you can always feel good about your favorite habits if they do, indeed, help the planet. Bamboo is extremely renewable and sustainable. It grows without any chemicals, and can grow up to three feet per day! If only cotton grew that fast. . .and didn’t need gallons of toxins.

Christmas is a good time for sheets

When is the last time you changed your bed sheets? For spending 1/3 of your life getting oily and perspiring, you would think having fresh sheets would be a priority. Throw a new set of bamboo sheets into your rotation, and I bet you will never go back to cotton again.