Organic Bamboo Sheets

Topping the list of all organic bedding is bamboo fiber sheets.  Bamboo, as the fastest growing plant in the world, creates and extremely durable and hard plant.  Classified as a woody grass, it is “woody” enough to be made into wood floors among other construction uses.  Bamboo as a plant is washed and dried into sheets and then spun into yarn.  This yarn creates a soft and durable fabric that is over twice as soft as cotton.

Organic bamboo sheets have many characteristics that make them a superior and luxurious bedding choice.  They are extremely breathable and keep you an average of 3 degrees cooler during the night.  They are excellent at wicking moisture, which allows you to have a nice dry sleep.  My wife even comes to be right after the shower!  That wet hair doesn’t even cause a problem with our sheets.  They are also hypo-allergenic and actually fight off bacteria, leaving you cleaner and healthier.

bamboo fiber sheets

Bamboo is a very durable fabric.  We have had our sheets for over three years now, and they just seem to get softer after every wash.  They make a great wedding present or Christmas gift – I think my entire family has organic bamboo sheets now.

Bamboo as a plant does much to bless the environment.  It is very efficient at processing CO2, and produces 35% more oxygen than trees.  It can grow up to a meter per day, which makes it a very renewable source of wood and textile fibers.

Organic Bamboo Sheets

Organic bamboo bed sheets can deliver the beauty sleep that you’ve always wanted.  No sleep is better than when you are comfortable.  The number one reason that people switch to bamboo, is that it is unbelievably soft and comfortable.  Bamboo truly makes the softest sheets in the world.